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Patient Transfer System / Patient Lifter

About Us

We are Focussing the Patient transfer system / patient lifter for Immobility Patient specially abled people /old age people / senior citizens, Our Hoist help to move easily only place to another place and do basic routines like bathing / toilet and Moving from cot to wheel chair or vehicle

Patient Hoist/Patient Transfer System/Patient lifter

Lifting a patient manually can cause physical strain to carers, who can injure themselves as they try to carry patients. The situation becomes even more difficult when the person is unable to move or stand up on their own.Thus, Patient lifts are essential to homes and healthcare facilities. Our products make lifting a person from a wheelchair/Bed or wherever with ease.

  • Powered patient lifts provide convenience and safety when transferring patients from one place to another place. 
  • Electric patient lift not only make moving more manageable for the patient, but also assists those who are providing care for them.

Ways of uses

  • From Bed to chair 
  • chair to toilet
  • chair to stretcher or chair to bath etc.

Bed To Chair demo video

Chair to Rest room demo video

Chair to Bed demo video

  • Types of Patient Hoist Transfer System widely in Market:
    • Manual Lifts – Economical, operated by caregiver with hydraulic power.
    • Fully Electric – No strain on the caregiver, good for home or institutional use.
    • Stand up Lifts – Helps patient go from sit-to-stand position, manual and electric models available.
    By Application;
    • Swimming pool lifts – Lifts the swimmer in and out of the swimming pool with ease.
    • Bathtub lifts – allowing for easy bathing-tool free.
  • Patient Slings:
    *Patient slings are a key component when using a      lift. 
    *The sling is what holds the patient and connects to the lift.                                                                                       
    *Slings come in many shapes and fabrics and are      designed for     different support levels and uses. 
    *When ordering a sling you should consider the        support needs of    the patient and the activity of the patient, be it for lifting the elderly from a            wheelchair or transferring them  so they can go to the bathroom, bathing etc.
patient hoist
    • Lifting from Floor.
    • lifting from  Bed  / Wheel chair / toilet.
    • Sling life time 2 year.

    Other facilities

      •   24VDC Electric motor control .
      •   Emergency Stop switch to stop immediately.
      •   360 degree Rotation of the Spreader Bar for a    Simplified Position,      we can lift patient from    any direction .
      •   The hoist is available in 100kg and 120kg     models.
      •   We do customize the patient lifter based on     customer special  requirements.
  • Why do you buy From Us : 

    • Customized Hoist and Sling as per your special need/ requirements.
    • 1Ton weight capacity rope used for both model slings.
    • Warranty and Service and technical Support.
    • Quick Support via Video call if required.
    • Easily accessible.
    • Zero Maintenance.
    • Made in India .

Services & Amenities

Stand up Lifts

Helps patient go from sit-to-stand position, manual and electric models available

Swimming pool lift

 Lifts the swimmer in and out of the swimming pool with ease

Bathtub lifts

Allowing for easy bathing-tool free

Manual Lifts

Economical, operated by caregiver with hydraulic power

Fully Electric

No strain on the caregiver, good for home or institutional use

Advantages to user

Very useful for aged and disabled person including patient


  • Size  L x W X H                    : 940 mm X 685 mm  X                                                               1370mm.
  • Weight carrying capacity  : 100 / 120 kg.
  • size                                       : 4″ inch wheel.
  • Materials                             : Rust resistant  MS powder                                                      coated material.
  • operation                            : UP and Down Control By                                                          remote  switches.
  • Hoist Color                         :  Blue with White.
  • Net Hoist Weight               :  40kg.
  • Net Sling Weight                : 1.75 kg
  • warranty                             : 1 year.
  • height carrying capacity   : 100 / 120 kg.

Advantages to user

  •  Very useful for aged and disabled person   including patient.

  •  Easily operated and single care taker enough to   operate this machine.

  •  Electrically operated .

  •  We can supply length of slings to fulfill patients   needs even lifting from floor.

  •  Very easy to move the patient from bed to   wheel  chair and vice versa.

Patient Hoist With Weighing Scale

  • Swimming pool lifts – Lifts the swimmer in and out of the swimming pool with ease.
  • Bathtub lifts – allowing for easy bathing-tool free.
patient hoist


linear actuator

Linear Actuators


Remote Controls 

control units

Control Units 

What is a patient transfer system or patient lifter?

A patient transfer system, also known as a patient lifter or patient hoist, is a device used in healthcare settings to assist in the safe and efficient transfer of patients with limited mobility. It is designed to lift and move patients from one location to another, such as from a bed to a wheelchair, a wheelchair to a toilet, or vice versa, without putting excessive strain on the caregiver or the patient.

How does a patient transfer system work?

A patient transfer system typically consists of a sturdy frame with a lifting mechanism, adjustable slings or harnesses to support the patient, and controls for operating the lift. The caregiver positions the patient onto the sling or harness, and then activates the lifting mechanism to raise the patient off the surface. The patient can be maneuvered and safely lowered onto another surface using the controls.

Are patient transfer systems easy to operate?

Yes, patient transfer systems are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. Caregivers receive training on how to properly use the system, including positioning the patient, attaching the slings or harnesses securely, and operating the controls for lifting, moving, and lowering the patient. Manufacturers provide detailed instructions and safety guidelines to ensure proper usage.

Can patient transfer systems be customized for different patient needs?

Yes, patient transfer systems come in various configurations and sizes to accommodate different patient needs. They can be adjusted to fit patients of varying sizes and body types. Additionally, there are specialized slings and harnesses available for patients with specific conditions or requirements, such as bariatric patients or those with limited upper body strength.

Can patient transfer systems be used at home?

Yes, patient transfer systems are available for home use. They can be beneficial for individuals who require assistance with transfers within their own homes. It is important to consult with healthcare professionals or occupational therapists to determine the most suitable patient lifter model for home use and receive proper training on its operation.

Other Names of Patient hoist Transfer system?
  1. Patient Lift System
  2. Transfer Hoist System
  3. Patient Transfer Lift
  4. Mobility Transfer System
  5. Ceiling Lift System
  6. Hoyer Lift System
  7. Patient Transfer Device
  8. Assistive Transfer System
  9. Patient Handling System
  10. Transfer Aid System
  11. Patient Transfer Equipment
  12. Mechanical Lift System
  13. Safe Patient Transfer System
  14. Electric Transfer Hoist
  15. Powered Patient Lift

Need for Customisation?

We do customisation as per your Need also



“patient hoist that I purchased from -Kathir Sudhir Automation is fantastic. Extremely well built and can take a patient that weighs over 100 kgs with ease. It raises to a good height and lowers too to a satisfactory height. I highly recommend this product”

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Company name-Temple Tree Designs

Mysore, Mysuru, Karnataka, India-571126

“Quality is very good and easy to operate"

Mr.Prakash – Chennai(mugalivakkam)

"Product is very good"

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